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The Milcarb Switch-Series, and It's Success Story

In late 2019 after years of development #Milcarb was finally ready to launch their brand new product line, the Switch-Series. These devices were designed to prevent, and eliminate the "all out" scenario in the bar and restaurant industry. Gases like #CO2, and #Nitrogen are ingredients, as well as key products to propel #beverages to their appropriate glasses to be served to the masses. It is crucial that there is an ample amount of supply on site to make this happen.

Soon after the product launch, the 2020 pandemic began. As much as one could hope for a successful launch, there simply wasn't a company willing to test any new products on the market. The restaurant industry sustained blow after blow with strict municipal, and state guidelines in efforts to combat Covid-19. The suppliers to these restaurants suffered as well.

As we slowly move further away from those turbulent times there has been a recent uptick in interest in this product line. This is due to the benefit of being an #IOT device that piggy back's on a customer's wifi network. The Switch-Series devices are then able to deliver alerts free of cost to any gas supplier. Giving them the appropriate time to react instead of heading to a customer on a Friday night to make a delivery.

Several distributors have claimed that the #CarboSwitch line has given them the ability to be more agile in competitive markets. Distributors who find themselves to be more nimble then bigger companies can place a cost effective manifold with low pressure alerts compared to more expensive equipment. Although there is a little more labor involved in having an employee change a few cylinders, the customer will still be hands free like other systems. The #CarboSwitch also helps with efficiency, and visibility on a mass spectrum of customer base when delivering to #HPcylinder accounts.

Milcarb's favorite story, and feedback was from a local distributor who let them know that their company had finally used the disconnect feature on Milcarb's #NitroSwitch. A device that is connected to #NitrogenGenerators to monitor pressure, temperature, and is equipped with safeguards to prevent an air compressor from burning out. Milcarb received a communication from David McCarthy from #MacCarb on a Friday night saying "I finally had to shut one of our customers generators off due to non payment and it worked like a charm! Works a hell of a lot better then sending a sales rep out to collect. Amazing how when you shut them off on a Friday how quick you will get them to pay. This has made my day!" He also added "Making everyone' s life easier through technology. Got to love it. I won't put another generator with out the Nitro-Switch!"

The most exciting thing about seeing this product line grow is watching the evolution of the Milcarb Web-Application. It had started out as a simple dashboard showing off the proof of concept to now being fully scalable. For a company that has five devices to a company that has hundred's of devices the web-app can sustain the workload. There are now new features to where you can track filter changes for any type of equipment, as well as get alerts for when it's time to perform the maintenance. There is plenty of room to add different, and new IOT type devices, and features! We are just getting started, and #Milcarb is excited to see where these devices will be in the years to come!


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