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Meet the Nitrogen Generators behind some of the best drinks on the planet — pulling nitrogen from thin air for reliable, on-demand beverage gas.
Nitrogen has been pushing beer for decades...

And it's just the beginning. Creative operations are exploring all new ways to reap the benefits in flavor, mouthfeel, aroma and presentation that comes with nitrogenation.

Nitrogen Generator Craft Cocktails
Draft Beer Nitrogen Generator
Nitrogen Generator for Tea
Cold Brew Coffee Nitrogen Generators
Your imagination is the limit. Unless you run out of nitrogen.

Introducing the N2U Nitrogen Generator

The next-generation N2U Nitrogen Generator utilizes advanced fiber membrane air separation technology to set the standard for purity, reliability and cost-efficiency — and deliver unlimited, on-demand nitrogen.

MilCarb N2U Nitrogen Generators

No More Deliveries

No More Blown Tanks

No More Down Time

Engineered with sleek 304 stainless steel, the N2U Nitrogen Generator is built with premium components for lasting reliability. The advanced design features an oil-free air compressor, copper piping and easy-open access panel — all packaged in a compact footprint that installs in minutes.

The All New NitroBev 360

An all-in-one nitrogen system — NitroBev 360 delivers gas on demand a single, turn-key solution to take you from zero to nitro in seconds.

-  Sleek, compact design

-  Quiet operation

-  Low operating cost

-  No accessories needed

Are you in Europe?  Please Click Here to visit our Distributor.

A Fit For Every Size Operation

-  Small footprint

-  High-volume

-  High-purity

-  Food-grade 304 stainless steel

-  High-end components

-  Lower filter cost

-  Extended compressor life

-  Ideal price point

-  Easily integrates into beverage
   gas systems

Nitrogen Generators from MilCarb

High Volume

Nitrogen Generator

Model N2C

Low Volume

Nitrogen Generator

Model N26C

Mid-Range Volume

Nitrogen Generator

Model N216C

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