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MilCarb A2U Food-Grade Air Compressor
Push your margins.
Restaurants, bars, workshops. Pumps, equipment, tools — if your operation runs anything pneumatic — this is for you.
CO2 Costs Money.
Air is Free. 

Reliable, finely calibrated gas is what keeps your equipment, productivity and profits in motion. In the beverage world especially, food-grade compressed air is increasingly being used as an alternative to CO2 for running beverage pumps. And for good reason. (12).png

Enter the A2U Food-Grade Air Compressor

An all-in-one system — A2U compresses, filters and stores the gas you need from thin air. 

High quality.
High performance.
On demand.

A2U compresses, filters, and stores the pressure you need from thin air to deliver moisture-free air filtered down to .01 Micron.  That's means you have a smart, limitless alternative that does everything CO2 can — only free.

//  Reduce CO2 usage up to 40%
//  Avoid costly downtime

//  Fewer deliveries + vendors
//  Lower parts + maintenance expenses
//  High-volume output
//  Lower operation costs

Use less CO2.
Spend less money.

By replacing a portion of your CO2 with clean, food-grade air — you can reduce your usage by up to 40%. That's less dependance on tanks, deliveries and vendors — and less costly gas.

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A2U Food-Grade Compressor

Protect productivity and profits.

By delivering clean, dry, high-purity air — the A2U Air Compressor reduces wear and tear on vital mechanical components. By reducing risk of damage and failure not only saves the cost of parts and maintenance, but the expensive downtime that comes with it.

The All New NitroBev 360

An all-in-one nitrogen system — NitroBev 360 delivers gas on demand a single, turn-key solution to take you from zero to nitro in seconds.

-  Sleek, compact design

-  Quiet operation

-  Low operating cost

-  No accessories needed

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Optimized for your operations

//  Produces from ambient air
//  Filters quality down to .01 micron
//  Removes air moisture
//  Flexible operating temperature
//  Energy efficient operation
//  Long filter life
//  Floor-standing or wall-mounted
//  Live maintenance compatible

Food-Grade Air Compressor

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