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MilCarb B2U Gas Blender
Fine Tuning.
Find your perfect beverage gas balance with powerful precision that taps a better beer, pours perfect drinks, reduces waste and boosts your bottom line.
Powerful, Precise Pours.

Calibrate your beverage gas mix to deliver the volume, presentation, texture and taste you need to serve the best pop, draft beer, cold-brew, craft cocktails and beyond. It's now possible, because Bar, Restaurants, Hotels and beyond are now fine tuning their beverage systems with some of the most dependable gas mixing technology on the planet.

Meet the B2U Beverage Gas Blender

Featuring McDantim's Trumix® Double gas mixing technology


Advanced Blending Technology

McDantim's Trumix® Double gas mixing technology powers two gas outputs. The B2U Gas Blender also features pre-set for the 25/75% and 60/40% CO2/Nitrogen draft beer gas blends required by craft brewers and draft houses.

MilCarb N2U Nitrogen Generators

High Volume. High Quality.

B2U produces enough mixed gas to pour up to 40 kegs per hour. The modular design allows the B2U Beverage System Blender to easily attach to the MilCarb N2U® Wall-Mount Generator, Floor-Mount Generator or directly to the wall.

See how B2U can serve your operation 

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Pairs perfectly with the N2U Nitrogen Generator.

-  Small footprint

-  High-volume

-  High-purity

-  Food-grade 304 stainless steel

-  High-end components

-  Lower filter cost

-  Extended compressor life

-  Ideal price point

-  Easily integrates into beverage
   gas systems

MilCarb N2U Nitrogen Generators

High Volume

Nitrogen Generator

Model N2C

Low Volume

Nitrogen Generator

Model N26C

Mid-Range Volume

Nitrogen Generator

Model N216C

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