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Maximize your draft beer system with cocktails on tap

Updated: Feb 21

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Beer is here to stay...

But as all strong movements do, the craft beer and microbrew boom is calming, at least for now. The result that while there once weren't enough draft beer taps to go around, restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues are now finding they have extra room.

We all know unused equipment is money left on the table, but how can you put these extra taps to good use? More and more operations are choosing to explore nitro craft cocktails on tap. And it's a whole new world of revenue, efficiency and fun.

"Hot DAMN! Those are the guys who have cocktails on tap!"
— Your customers

Why are nitro cocktails on tap — the jam? Let us count the ways. (it's seven)

Gym-class-hero-level efficiency

Batch preparation of nitro cocktails streamlines the service process, allowing bartenders to pour drinks in seconds rather than minutes. This efficiency translates into significant time and cost savings, which can be reinvested into providing better guest service.

A little "razzle dazzle" in your presentation

Nitro cocktails offer a captivating visual experience as guests witness the cascading bubbles and foamy head created by the nitrogen infusion. This presentation adds an element of excitement and memorability to the cocktail experience, setting establishments apart from the ordinary.

Mouthfeel, aromatics, taste, smiles

The nitrogenation process enhances the texture and taste of cocktails, providing a sensory experience that elevates the drinking experience. From the rich texture reminiscent of Guinness to the intensified flavors and aromatics, nitro cocktails offer complexity and delight to discerning palates.

"Look, Hank! He's pouring my chocolate martini like one of those Irish beers! Oh my days..."
— The charming old lady whose grandson you look like

Creativity keeps your menu fresh

By pre-mixing cocktails in batches, bartenders have the freedom to experiment and innovate, refreshing the menu with new offerings regularly. This dynamic approach keeps guests intrigued and encourages repeat visits to explore the latest creations.

Built-in swagger for your promotions

Promotion: Craft nitro cocktails on draft provide ample marketing opportunities, from featuring a "Nitro Cocktail of the Day" to highlighting a "Draft Drink of the Week" across various channels, including onsite promotions, websites, and social media platforms.

Special snowflake status #NotLikeOtherBars

Offering nitro cocktails on tap sets establishments apart from competitors and provides a unique selling point that guests will remember and share with others. In a saturated market, this differentiation can be a deciding factor for patrons choosing where to dine or drink.

"Draft? We got Guinness, Brother Chimp, Zombie Dust, Sangria, Founders, Lite, Mimosas — Cosmopolitans and Old Fashioneds-es-es." — Your bartender

Zero-to-nitro is easy

Implementation: Transitioning to nitro cocktails is made accessible with reliable nitrogen generators like Milcarb's NitroBev 360, catering to operations of all sizes. From boutique restaurants to sports stadiums, these turnkey solutions provide everything needed to introduce nitro cocktails seamlessly, from kegerators to generators.

Final Thought

Embracing the trend of nitro craft cocktails on tap presents a myriad of benefits for bars and restaurants, from operational efficiency to enhanced guest experiences. By leveraging this innovative approach, establishments can unlock new revenue streams, captivate customers, and stay ahead in a competitive industry landscape.

Wink wink.

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