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NitroBev 360: The Small Nitrogen Generator Making Big Changes

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

The latest from MilCarb, NitroBev 360 is a small nitrogen generator that delivers on-demand nitro for beer, cold-brew nitro coffee, tea, cocktails and just about anything else you'd like to hook up. Available with a complete kegerator, tapper and hardware package or as a generator alone, the NitroBev 360 nitrogen generator was designed to make nitro possible in places where it was previously unrealistic. And it does...

Small footprint, mobile, quiet, sleek black — it's kindof like a nitro ninja, and we're having a blast watching all the different applications folks are finding. Here are just a few:

Serious Home Brewers

What starts as a hobby often turns in a delicious obsession, and home brewing is an exciting frontier for small nitrogen generators. Home brewers are already notorious for experimenting and pushing the limits of what can be done with beer, now it's time to add nitro.

By adding nitro to their arsenal, these domestic daredevils open up new doors to explore various stouts, porters, IPAs and ales that they can pour and serve right at home. And beyond that is a whole world of cocktails, coffee, tea and anything else home home brewers want to hook up to nitrogen.

Coffee Shops

Folks have been using nitrogen for cold brew coffee since around 2015, but larger coffee producers have put it in the spotlight. And delicious nitro cold brew coffee is quickly becoming less of a novelty and more of an expectation.

As a result, many smaller chains and independent coffee houses are taking steps to put it on the menu, and find the versatility of a very small nitrogen generator a great way to make it happen. Even if an operation has no relevant equipment and little room, a complete small nitrogen system can get them from zero to nitro fast with only a few square feet of space.

Outdoor Patios & Beer Gardens

For outdoor operations, flexibility is a must, both because they need to partially tear down at night and/or completely tear down for fall and winter. This leads many owners to opt for simplified outdoor menus that don't include draft beer or draft anything.

Small nitrogen generators are now solving that problem. Paired with a simple kegerator and tap, set-ups like NitroBev 360 provide a mobile addition that can be easily moved, put away at night or stored for a season. And suddenly, the outdoor drinks (and extra profits) flow.

Food Trucks & Concessions

These types of operations are fast-paced and scrappy — and mindblowingly good at maximizing small spaces. With its small footprint, a boutique nitrogen generator can suddenly bring nitro on demand to the ball game, the roadside or the country fair.

Are we the only ones suddenly craving nitro margaritas and corndogs?

Luxury Kitchens

The kitchen is the most important room in the house and worth every penny you can invest for both enjoyment and resale value. Because of this, people with lots of pennies are looking for ways to up their game with new and exciting amenities like steam ovens, built-in espresso machines, wine stations and more.

When it's time to not just keep up with the Joneses, but put them in the dust, progressive homeowners and savvy kitchen designers are going nitro. And guess what? A small nitrogen generator is making it possible to integrate it with ease.

And that's just the beginning...

Just like you can nitro almost anything you want — NitroBev 360 now makes it possible to nitro just about anywhere you want. Don't let these few examples cramp your creativity.

Curious about NitroBev 360 or one of his big brothers? Give us a call or email with any questions.

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