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Europe here we come!

Updated: Feb 1

January 22nd 2020

2019 was an interesting year for Miller Carbonic, Inc. to say the least! There have been many Irons in the Milcarb fire this past year, and we are now getting ready to strike them! 2020 looks to hold much promise for our product development and growth!

First we are proud to announce that our product The Nitrobev 360 will be available in Europe as of February 1st! We have partnered up with Bevis Premium Brands a subsidiary of Ingotrading GmbH from Zurich Switzerland. They will be the master distributor for all of Europe for the Nitrobev line. We are very excited about this partnership and are looking forward to expanding the reach of their product line!

In addition to the great news of the expanded distribution network, Milcarb is currently in Beta testing of their highly anticipated new product line, "The Switch Series". The first wave of Beta's were installed at the very end of last year and have been performing excellent! Finding real live data has help fine tune the devices before launch. The second wave of Beta's will be heading out for installation at the very end of January. Milcarb plans to launch the product line by mid to late March this year. With an extreme abundance of inquiries and request for product samples Milcarb is gearing up to hit the road upon launch. If you, or anyone you know is in the gas distributing industry you may want to keep them informed on this new product. Milcarb hopes it will be BIG answer to a BIG problem.



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