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Looking for a reliable and durable regulator for your beer dispensing needs? Look no further than this Tank Mount 0-60 Beer Regulator! Made with forged brass and die cast, this regulator is built to last. Whether you're a homebrewer or using it for direct draw application, this regulator is perfect for you. With its quad-ring inlet seal and set screw pressure adjustment, you'll be able to maintain optimal pressure for your jockey box at any brewfest. Plus, it's easy to install with its CO2 tank mount and CGA 320 connection.  Get yours today

Tank Mount 0-60 BeerRegulator

  • Features:

    • Forged brass and die cast for durability.
    • Quad-Ring inlet seal at tank connection.
    • Set screw pressure adjustment.
    Type Primary Regulator - CO2
    Installation CO2 Tank Mount - CGA 320
    Performance 1 Pressure 1 Product
    Output Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI
    Capacity SCFM 9.0
    Tank Pressure Gauge 0-3000 PSI
    Outlet Barb 3/8" O.D. to Fit 5/16" Gas Hose
    Intergral PRV Pressure reflief valve releases at 55-65 PSI


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