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The NSF-51 Milcarb Truck Hose is a top-of-the-line option for Liquid CO2 Delivery.  Designed with a durable connection point for the Milcarb Fill Gun P/N MC-PG1, this hose provides extra support for the weight of the fill gun, reducing wear and tear over time. The 5/8” swivel fittings and 2000 psi pressure rating ensure reliable and secure connections, while the FDA accepted polyolefin core tube guarantees safe food grade transportation of liquids. With a standard stock length of 65', and the option for custom lengths upon request, this truck hose is a versatile choice for any liquid CO2 delivery needs. Additionally, the hose comes equipped with a vinyl support sleeve for added protection during use.

NSF-51 Truck Hose

    • 5/8” swivel fittings
    • 2000 psi pressure rating
    • FDA accepted polyolefin core tube

    Standard stock length for truck service is 65'.  Other lengths available upon request.  Truck hose included vinyle support sleeve to prolong hose fatigue.


    Pair this product with the Milcarb Fill Gun Here.


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