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The NSF 51 Rated CO2 Fill Hose is a high-quality product designed for use in liquid CO2 transfer in beverage applications. This Milcarb Fill Hose is NSF-51 approved, ensuring that it meets rigorous safety standards. It is available in 5' increment assemblies, bulk rolls of 250', or fill kit assemblies with a vent line attached. The 5/8” swivel fittings and 2000 psi pressure rating make it easy to use and highly durable. The FDA accepted polyolefin core tube adds another level of safety and reliability to this top-of-the-line product.

NSF 51 Rated CO2 Fill Hose

  • NSF 51 Rated CO2 Fill Hose:


    • 5/8” swivel fittings
    • 2000 psi pressure rating
    • FDA accepted polyolefin core tube

    Available in kit form and also available with vinyl support sleeve for truck applications.





    • For truck use part FP-3443-(inches)T
    • For kit use FP-3443-(inches)K
    • For Bulk 250' Roll use FP-3440-08
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