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The Inline Nitrogen/Blended Gas Infuser is the holy grail of infuser technology, designed for beverage systems that serve nitro coffee and beer. With an operating pressure of 8-12 PSI, utilizing less Nitrogen per pour making it an economic choice.  The optional inline filter catches any upstream debris, and requires only rinse-only maintenance with no replacement element needed. This low-cost point infuser is easy to install, and its elegant design adds to the beauty of your beverage system.

Inline Nitrogen/Blended Gas Infuser

  • Inline Nitrogen/Blended Gas Infuser

    • Low Pressure inline infuser 8-12 PSI operating pressure.  Reduces N2 consumption per pour.
    • Optional inline filter to catch any upstream debris.  Rinse only maintenance, no replacement element needed.
    • Low cost point, easy to install
    • Beautiful Cascade Pour Everytime!
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