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NitroBev 360

SKU: MC-N2B360-C
  • The latest from MilCarb, NitroBev 360 is a small nitrogen generator that delivers on-demand nitro for beer, cold-brew nitro coffee, tea, cocktails and just about anything else you'd like to hook up.


    Available with a complete kegerator, tapper and hardware package or as a generator alone, the NitroBev 360 nitrogen generator was designed to make nitro possible in places where it was previously unrealistic. And it does...


    Key Benfits:

    • Sleek Black Design
    • Small Footprint
    • Quiet Operation
    • High-end components

    • Lower filter cost


    Ideal For

    • Integrating with existing restaurant and bar systems
    • Beer gardens and outdoor dining
    • Coffeeshops and cafes
    • Serious home brewers
    • Luxury Kitchens
    • Food trucks and concessions


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    In Europe?  Please CLICK HERE to get in touch with our European Distributor!

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