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  • Nitro-Switch  |  Auto Nitrogen Switch-Over Unit

    Introducing a next-gen solution for any beer system powered by a nitrogen generator. Nitro-Switch eliminates downtime and waste by detecting system issues and auto-switching to a back-up cylinder while alerting you immediately.

    • Compressor run-time controller
    • Compatible with N2U® or alternative generators 
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Cut-off Switch for payment issues
  • Dimensions: L 15.75” x W 3.50” x H 11.20” (w/ antenna) Weight: 10 lbs
    Flow Rate: 6.61 SCFM
    Electrical: 120 V 2 A 60 HZ
    Pressure: 80-125 PSI - Main
                        0-3000 PSI - Emergency

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