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The N2U Nitrogen Generator Filter Kit is the perfect solution for those looking to maintain their Milcarb N2U Nitrogen Generators at an affordable price. The kit includes a N2U Post-Filter Charcoal Element, a N2U Pre-Filter Coalescent Element, a N2U Auto Drain, and a CompressorIntake Filter. These filters and drain are essential for ensuring the quality and purity of your nitrogen supply, making this kit a must-have for breweries, bars, restaurants, hotels, cruises, and stadiums. Upgrade your nitrogen generator maintenance with the N2U Nitrogen Generator Filter Kit.

N2U Nitrogen Generator Filter Replacement Kit

  • Best economy for nitrogen generator maintainence. Includes the filters and drain shown in image.


    1. N2U Post-Filter Charcoal Element - MC-DHCH-FRN2
    2. N2U Pre-Filter Coalescent Element - MC-DHC-FRN2
    3. N2U Auto Drain - DH-AD-N2U
    4. CompressorIntake Filter - JA-FR
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