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Introducing the Milcarb Precision Hose Cutter, the ultimate tool for achieving a clean and precise hose cut every time. This powerful tool eliminates the risk of impedance of nut rotation when using a tube stem type connection, making for a faster installtion to equipment.  With multiple cutting heads and weighing approximately 12 ounces, this cutter is easy to use and perfect for any beverage gas installation. Say goodbye to jagged and angled cuts, and end waste from sloppy, uneven cuts with the Milcarb Precision Hose Cutter. Order yours today

Milcarb Precision Hose Cutter

SKU: MC-246810-BLADE
    • Multiple cutting heads
    • Easy to use…weighs approximately 12 ounces
    • No more jagged cuts…no more angled cuts
    • Ends waste from sloppy, uneven cuts
    • Safe around solvents, gas, oil and grease
    • Safer than utility knive, or razor
    • Saves time cutting tubes and hoses
    • Special V-Block ensures a straight, clean cut every time
    • Will withstand autoclaving!
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