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The D.L.A. Direct Fill Kit is the perfect solution for bulk CO2 tank installations. It fits most Bevcarb Tank Models, making it a versatile option for various setups. Safety was paramount in the design of this kit, with the Milcarb Fill Connector P/N MC-N12-8F being kept stationary to prevent rotation and the unfastening or disassembling of the fill connector itself. This kit ensures consistent safety in CO2 delivery, making it an essential addition to any bulk CO2 tank installation.

The D.L.A. Direct Fill Kit

SKU: MC-N12-DFK316SS-2
  • Kit includes:

    • Fill Connector 
    • Mounting flange
    • Dust cap
    • Mounting hardware
    • Stainless Steel mounting plate
    • NPT connection pipe with reducer bushings


    Interchangeable with most current tank manufacturers. 

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