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The Hose End is an essential component of any fill hose assembly for Liquid CO2 tank installations. It is designed to be used with Milcarb's Bulk Hose offering P/N FP-3440-08, which is ideal for operations that prefer to make their own fill hose assemblies. The Hose End can be easily crimped or swaged onto the hose, providing a secure and leak-proof connection. It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. With this Hose End, you can be confident that your tank installation will operate smoothly and efficiently.


  • Hose Ends available  for liquid CO2 Fill Hose assemblies.  1/2 Tube ID X 5/8 Female Swivel SAE.  Common placements are from fill box to tank, and truck hose assemblies.

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