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CarboSwitch Two Cylinder Automatic Switchover Manifold

CarboSwitch 2100

SKU: CS-2100
  • Never lose CO2 during a rush — CarboSwitch senses and switches CO2 tanks automatically.


    When the customer’s supply regulator is attached to the output fitting of the Carbo-Switch™, it will read the pressure of Tank 1, while the gauge on the right side of the unit will read the pressure of Tank 2.


    The Carbo-Switch™ first draws gas from Tank 1. At this point, the output from the Carbo-Switch™ unit is equal to the regulator setting of Tank 1. When the pressure of Tank 1 drops to 200 psi, the Carbo-Switch™ begins drawing gas from Tank 2. As soon as Tank 1 is replaced, the Carbo-Switch™ begins drawing from Tank 1 again.


    Should the pressure of Tank 2 drop below 200 psi before Tank 1 is replaced, the Carbo-Switch™ will draw from both cylinders equally until both are empty, or one or more of the cylinders are replenished. The Carbo-Switch™ is pressure operated and has no moving mechanical or electrical parts to fail. 


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