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  • Stop wasting CO2 and money to leaks and empty soda syrup bags with Carbo-Guard™ protection.


    Gas flows in from the bottom 1/4” barb connection, and out the top hose connection. Should the gas flow become excessive (often times caused by an empty syrup bag), a check valve inside the Carbo-Guard™ will close and stop the flow downstream. Once the excessive gas flow issue has been corrected, flip the lever down into the bypass position. This allows the gas to flow through the unit unobstructed. When the gas system is fully charged (about 3-5 seconds), the lever can be returned to the ready (up) position, as shown below. The unit is now reset and ready to monitor gas flow again. The Carbo-Guard™ has been specifically tuned to work with soda and beer systems that have their pumps set between 40-80 psi. Other settings for different system pressures are available. Carbo-Guard™ are optimally run in pairs; one for the soda syrup service and one for beer delivery.


    Spec Sheet   |   Installation Guide

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