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 This Beverage Gas Installation Tubing is made from high-quality materials, providing durability and resistance to stress cracking. The Bevlex® Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene Beverage Hose has an LLDPE core tube construction, which offers excellent performance against stress cracking. The tubing is also reinforced with polyester, which provides kink-resistance and pressure performance beyond simple tubing. Additionally, this tubing is coated with a bonded abrasion-resistant material that offers superior protection against wear and tear, guaranteeing a longer lifespan of the tubing. Choose this Beverage Gas Installation Tubing from Milcarb for a reliable and long-lasting gas system for your beverage dispense needs.

Beverage Gas Installation Tubing

  • 170 Series Bevlex® Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene Beverage Hose LLDPE core tube construction provides excellent resistance to stress cracking.


    • Polyester reinforcement provides pressure performance and kink- resistance exceeding that of simple tubing.
    • Bonded abrasion resistant copolymer jacket will not separate or ripple in tight bends during installation in conduits.
    • Made from food-grade materials and is NSF 51/61 certified. 
    • 300 PSI Working Pressure @ 70 F

    Coordinating Oetiker Clamp


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