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B2U Gas Blender - Gas Mixing Panel

B2U Gas Blender

  • This blending panel utilizes McDantim’s Trumix® Double gas mixing technology. The two gas outputs are pre-set for the 25/75% and 60/40% CO2/Nitrogen draft beer gas blends required by craft brewers and draft houses (Other CO2/N2 blend settings available on request).


    The B2U Gas Blender is capable of producing enough mixed gas to pour up to 40 kegs of beer per hour (20 kegs per blend mix).


    The modular design allows the B2U Gas Blender to be readily attached to the side of the MILCARB Nitrogen 2U® Wall Mount Generator and our 16C, C, and BC models. 


    Optional downstream leak detection equipment also available.


    10”(W) x 14.5”(H) x 5.5”(D)


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