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The Milcarb A8 with 5/8 Flare CO2 Fill Nipple is an essential component for filling Liquid CO2 Tanks. It can be found in both the Milcarb Fill Box product line . To complete the filling process, the Milcarb Wing Nut Coupler is used in conjunction with this CO2 Fill Nipple. This high-quality product is designed to provide reliable and efficient CO2 gas distribution for various industrial applications. Trust Milcarb to provide the best equipment for your CO2 gas distribution needs.  The 5/8 Flare connection allows you to easily connect the Milcarb Fill Hose to make your final connection to your Liquid CO2 Tank.

Milcarb 5/8 Flare Fill Nipple

SKU: MC-N12-A8
  • Liquid CO2 (M) X 5/8” Flare 

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