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Looking for a reliable and effective tool to make the perfect fill box installation? Look no further than our 2.5" Diameter Hammer Drill Bit. Specifically designed for use with SDSMAX Hammer Drills, this bit cuts through outer walls with ease, making installation a breeze. With a size of 2-½ in. x 24 in., this carbide-tipped drill bit is capable of drilling holes up to 20 inches deep. The hardened carbide cutting teeth and forged high-speed steel ensure durability and longevity, while compatibility with most hammer drills makes it a versatile choice for any job. Perfect for use with brick and concrete, this essential tool is a must-have for any bulk CO2 installation.

2.5" Diameter Hammer Drill Bit

  • 2-½ in. x 24 in. Carbide Tipped Drill Bit for Fill Box Installation.  Designed for SDS MAX Hammer Drills.

    • Drill 2-½ in. holes up to 20 in. depth
    • Hardened Carbide Cutting Teeth
    • Forged High Speed Steel
    • Compatible with most Hammer Drills
    • Used for Brick, and Concrete
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