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The 15.7 Oetiker Clamp is an essential tool for ensuring a leak-free crimp every time for your beverage gas system installation. Made from durable materials, this clamp can withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy bar or restaurant environment. Its stepless Oetiker ear design allows for a secure grip on hoses, preventing any gas leaks. This package comes with 100 pieces, each with a clamp size of 0.520 – 0.618″ (13.2 – 15.7 mm), perfect for use with P/N APX-176-06302. Invest in these reliable Oetiker Clamps and experience peace of mind knowing your gas system is secure and efficient.

15.7 Oetiker Clamp

SKU: MC-0157
  • Stepless Oetiker Ear Clamp

    • Oetiker Stepless Clamp 0.520 – 0.618″ (13.2 – 15.7 mm) – 100 pieces per package

    • For use with P/N APX-176-06302

    *Please note orders under $100.00 will be subject to a minimum order charge.

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