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    SKU: Model MC-BS320SS
    • Bulk-Switch  |  Bulk CO2 Control Unit

      A hero of the Milcarb Switch Series; this advanced tech monitors pressure and triggers a kill switch whenever it drops — while simultaneously auto-shifting to a back-up cylinder. Operations continue without interruption and you know there’s an issue before your customer does.

      • Non-optimal, and critial pressure notifications
      • Monitors bulk and tank pressure
      • Eliminates iced-tank incidents
      • Cut-off Switch for payment issues
      • Dimensions: L 15.75” x W 3.50” x H 11.20”
      • Weight: 13-17.75 lbs. (by model)
      • Electrical: 120V 2A 60HZ
      • Pressure: 100-125 PSI - Main
                            0-3000 PSI - Emergency
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